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Thought behind the actions

"  What better way to begin than to ask this question that why should you whole heartedly endorse my enterprise.  I came to this country nearly a decade back and hail from India.  India boasts of one of the oldest cultures and civilization in which the family played the pivotal role.  In the family the patriarch and his consort were held in everlasting love, respect and esteem by all those who constituted the family.  I had the unique privilege of being brought up by doting grandparents, who amongst other things instilled in me the importance of bonding in the family and the respect that is due to the older generation.  Thus, it is that in virtually most cases, the older generation in India is the most satisfied.  Although I do not reside in India any more, the basic values inbreed in me since childhood, still inspire me and shape my personality. 

I have a dream to provide home care assistance to all the seniors who struggle in their daily life to accomplish little things.  In India, I have had an opportunity to work closely with an adult care service provider called Disha (Direction). I helped the elderly in in their everyday routine so that they could lead a comfortable life. Having worked for 6 years at Disha and being the recipient of the 'Excellence Award' as the best caregiver, I am confident of continuing to provide the best services to my clients. "

                                                                                              Teena Mathur, Founder "Always With You Homecare, LLC